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   Products and packaging

   Our products are wrapped in film and then packed in bite-size boxes to be distributed at supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers, and convenience stores.

Packwith 6 units.
The traditional Coconut Candy
Packwith 12 units.
The delicious Countryside Sugarcane Candy
Packwith 25 units.
The rich flavor of Banana Candy with Coconut
Pack with 50 units.
The traditional Coconut Candy for everyone in the family
Bite-size Packwith 6 units.
Guava Candy with Homemade flavor
Jar containing 45 units.
 Box containing 24 packs x 6 units per pack 144 units
 Box containing 6 jars x 45 units per jar 270 units
 Box containing 20 packs x 25 units per pack 500 units
 Box containing 10 packs x 50 units per pack 500 units
 Box containing 84 packs x 6 units per pack 504 units
 Box containing 48 packs x 12 units per pack 576 units
All candy flavors in an economical container, maintaining the same quality of our products, and being suitable for all sale outlets.

Images of Bahia garnish the packaging
of our products.
Photos: J. Freitas - Bahiatursa
Our address: Rua dos Operários, 320 - CIS
Feira de Santana, Bahia 44052-700 Brazil
Phone/ Fax: (75) 3622-0099 / 3622-0079
E-mail: cocadinhadabahia@fsonline.com.br
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